Introducing ret2pop

Table of Contents


Figure 1: All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here

Hello! I'm a person on the internet that does things, such as:

And if you're here to do one of these things, I guarantee you're in the right place!

1. Journal

If you're interested, you can read my journal. Note that this journal is not my entire personal life but instead will be a focus on interesting things that I think of or things that are of a technical nature.

2. Blog

My blog contains many longer writings that do not fit into the mindmap format, and some of my writings on some of the projects that I've done.

3. Mindmap

I also have a mindmap, for those of you who are interested in knowing everything.

3.1. What is a mindmap?

Click the hyperlink to find out! In case you didn't see:

4. Configurations

Most of my configurations/dotfiles for various programs are literate configurations, and I can therefore publish them. So I did! Configurations include:

  • doom emacs
  • QTile
  • QuteBrowser
  • Elfeed

…and many more!

5. Projects

My programming projects can be found on my github; other projects that do not directly pertain to my projects on github or need a more in-depth explanation are explained further in my blog.

6. Music and Media

Most of the music that I have recorded can be found on my Youtube channel. Note that it will also contain other things that I filmed.

7. About

Who is the man behind ret2pop? How do you contact him? So many mysteries await…

7.1. About this Website

I wrote this website in org mode. For more information, see the README. Here is how I upload my website:

git add .
rsync -azvP ~/website_html/

Then I run magit after.

8. Donate

If you like anything that I do, donate! But should you use cryptocurrency? Should it be used as a means of exchange? Probably not, but it's cool and free for me to do so here you go:

8.1. XMR

An anonymous form of ecash, the only one out of these that is actually being used for the purpose of currency (on the dark web):


8.2. ETH (And associated tokens)

Utility in the form of smart contracts (which are perhaps useful for something important in the future), with first mover advantage in this regard:


Note that this includes subprojects such as LINK which I find to have some value.

8.3. BTC

The standard, and probably will continue to be used as a prediction market/speculative asset for the efficacy of other cryptocurrencies:


Note that all of the above cryptocurrencies I believe are either potentially useful for some niche, or have value because of their de-facto link to other currencies that are useful for some niche.

8.4. Do I advocate for using these as currencies?

Only Monero and some forms of ETH tokens for privacy reasons, and maybe they can become better than fiat, but that algorithm that keeps them stable does not really exist yet.

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