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1. Webrings

This website is a part of these webrings: < nullring >

2. About Me

2.1. whoami?

Preston Pan. Although, that is not really important for the enjoyment of ret2pop, and it is certainly not the focus at all. Ret2pop is a separate entity, controlled only by the will of Francois. Ret2pop is a relentlessly curious force willing to entertain ideas that are unconventional and unorthodox; Preston Pan is the individual that tries to live this out and fails in a somewhat cringy manner.

Some might know me as ret2pop, some as Preston Pan, and others as LiCoO2.

2.2. Contact

Here are all the methods you should use to contact me:

2.2.1. IRC

  • ret2pop on nullring.xyz, 6697. Go to #nullring; this channel is the most active, probably.
  • ret2pop on libera.chat
    • Note: I will not always be online and I don't use a bouncer on this server. Email me to coordinate a time if you really need to reach me this way.

2.2.2. Matrix

contact me on matrix at ret2pop:social.nullring.xyz.

2.2.3. Email

  • preston@nullring.xyz
  • ret2pop@gmail.com

2.2.4. Amateur Radio (In case the world ends)

My callsign is VE7PPN.

2.2.5. Linkedin

You can see my personal linkedin profile.

3. Professional

Here you can find my resume, which contains it all. I am always open for new job opportunities!

4. How Old am I?

born in 12/23/2005, but does it really matter?

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