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Table of Contents

1. Introducing: the Mindmap

Do you want to know everything like me and be a smart person instead of dumb? Well, you've come to the right place! 👍

1.1. What is this?

It's a place that hopes to explain EVERYTHING!!

1.2. Isn't that unrealistic?

I answer that in my mindmap! It has all the answers!

1.3. Doesn't it have to explain itself?

Yeah, we answered that one too. Just read the mindmap.

1.4. Batteries included?

No, it's a mindmap you fucking idiot.

2. Rules

  • Don't use the back button on your browser
  • Everything here is going to be a link to another mindmap page.
  • Therefore, if there is a page you want to go back to, you must navigate until you find a loop back to the original page.

2.1. Prerequisites

One must have an open mind, know the basics of the Stem programming language, and have finished a high school mathematics education. One must also know about some mathematical notation, though much of it will be explained in the articles.

2.2. What Happens if I don't Follow the Rules?

You're ruining your own fun I guess. These are just the recommended settings and if you want to change them then you're free to.

That won't stop me from stalking you and physically threatening you, though. Teehee!

3. How did you make it?

This section of the website was made with org-roam, an emacs package that allows you to make a web of notes, something close to a wiki.

4. I want to Break the Rules

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