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1. What is this?

It's ret2pop! My website for all things math. Wait, no. Computer science. Music. Okay, let me try that again.

It's ret2pop! My website for all things.

1.1. Sounds awesome! But why is it written in org instead of html?

Because I have converted to the church of emacs. Remember: anything and everything that can be rewritten in org, can and should be rewritten in org.

1.1.1. so how did you actually do that?

By using the org-publish function, org-roam, and org-journal, as well as writing a lot of things with a literate config.

1.2. So, where is this website of yours located?

https://ret2pop.nullring.xyz, it is the road to enlightenment.

2. Wait, so where are your dotfiles?

To use my dotfiles, clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/ret2pop/ret2pop-website.git ~/org/website

and install my NixOS Configuration. The org files are the dotfiles, or at least in the case of emacs.

To use my full system, you also need to have a password-store from the pass password manager in its standard location with an entry called Mail, and you need to clone my wallpapers repository.

3. License

See the license. The style.css has its own license.

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