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1. Everything?

This article is about everything. No, really, it is. Every possible thought you could have is encapsulated inside a digital copy of my brain.

You can model everything in terms of duality and recursion. There are other ways to model everything as well; for example, circular structures and self destructing structures. However, these other frameworks I posit can be explained well with these other general ones, and for the purpose of saving time in explaining everything, I'll start with these two things.

1.1. What is the point in explaining everything?

So you can be a god! All knowing! Who wouldn't want that?

1.2. But you have to explain this article in order to explain everything

No I don't. See? I explained this article!

1.3. This is not very coherent

I'd like to see you try.

1.4. Okay, but seriously…

Yeah. I get your complaint. It's a hard task to actually explain everything and you have to omit details. However, I think this is a pretty reasonable attempt at doing so and you will soon notice that the frameworks that I am presenting can in fact be used to explain the article itself, albeit in a somewhat contradictory way.

1.5. Isn't this just another Framework?

Yes. In fact, I have a page about frameworks!

2. Something

I linked them above, but if you want to read about something that is not everything, go here:

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