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1. Introduction

Frameworks are an essential thing to understand are fundamental to how we work, and this statement will never be contradicted. The main two hallmarks of a framework are as follows:

  1. the framework has a set of axioms i.e. statements that are taken as a given.
  2. the framework can use some form of pseudo-logical deduction in order to reach conclusions.

Note that this sounds a lot like mathematics. Indeed, mathematics is an instantiation of a framework, but there are other frameworks as well. Mathematics is a framework detached from reality, and we often develop mathematics in order to fit those mathematical models to reality. Mathematical frameworks aren't wrong or right, they're contradictory or logical (i.e. they either degenerate into principle of explosion or they are logically consistent). In other words, a theory or framework can be independent of reality.

Applying mathematical models to reality are a statement about that particular system you are modelling i.e. you are supposedly applying said mathematical model because there is some belief that reality conforms to whatever axioms the mathematical model has. General mathematical models tend to model more things, but the axioms are weaker, meaning the predictions of said models are also weaker. Adding additional assumptions to models generally makes those predictions stronger.

Of course, there are other ways to model things as well other than with mathematics; one can also use the framework of word-based logical reasoning in order to make models. This mindmap utilizes this kind of modelling to a great extent, and this very article is an instantiation of word-based logical reasoning. In this mindmap, the same model will be used in order to model many things, leading to a fine structure.

1.1. Perscription and Description

Perscriptive models tend to make value judgements about a particular system, meaning they in general view agents of said system as responsible and non-deterministic agents, whereas descriptive models in general view agents of said system to be deterministic and not able to be self aware. In other words, perscription is where "thinking" ends and where "action" begins. Adding more levels of determinism to the model tend to make it more descriptive of reality (this is an emperical statement, and not a theoretical one).

1.2. Metaframeworks

This article is a metaframework, another instantiation of recursion. Metaframeworks are also frameworks.

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