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1. Thursday, 30 May 2024

1.1. 00:49

I am currently trying to optimize my emacs workflow more, as I realize that my NixOS configuration is quite complete. After Kanata is added, my NixOS configuration covers almost every usecase; on the other hand, there are many small annoyances within emacs that are persistent, such as the lack of RSS feeds, the lack of good snippets for LaTeX editing, the lack of grammar checking and spell checking, and the lack of consistent autocomplete and the awkwardness of how new buffers open in panes. Additionally, mu4e is not configured for my email account.

I will then use this emacs configuration to edit my mindmap more in tandem with the configuring. I've already added many new articles.

1.2. 16:59

I successfully improved my emacs configuration by a lot, and I'm going to keep on making the editing much more streamlined.

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