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1. Thursday, 14 March 2024

1.1. 15:13

Did nothing today, except laze around. Going to the Papery to get my replacement nib, and also suprise (not suprise) Anslie. Suprise! She's reading this right now, so it's not really one anymore. Ate at the sub.

Server is coming along, the only server that I want to run now is the email server, although that is quite hard as it involves running both an imaps and smtps server with dkims and dmarc verification. It's not very easy to get accepted as not-spam, even if you do add these verification markers.

In any case, I also want to run a gitea server or some frontend where people can view code. Perhaps a mailing list and a cgit interface is enough for this, as one can simply mail patches over to be applied, and email is a good interface for stuff like this .

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