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Daily Journal

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1. Sunday, 10 March 2024

1.1. 23:02

I am currently quite bored, and have nothing to do. I am in Howard's dorm with Anslie, talking about what to order at McDonald's, and I am sick. I had a really weird dream.

1.1.1. The dream

I was with Anslie, walking around. Next thing I knew, I was in Vancouver, taking the skytrain with this middle aged man. Him and Anslie confessed their love to me at the same time, which was quite strange.

I was riding the skytrain with this man, then he spent an abnormally long time on the outside of one of the stops, and he didn't get back in in time so the skytrain closed its doors. He left his bag on the skytrain, so now I had his bag, my bag, and a deck of cards in my hand. I got off next station but it was a process as the bags were heavy. I looked back inside and saw some scattered cards on the seat, so I got back in and tried to collect them. Turns out, the scattered cards were not mine and I had a complete deck of cards in the first place, so now I left all the possessions at the station I was supposed to be at and the skytrain started moving. I only had my cards left with me.

As for the destination, I was supposed to go to my therapist's office in Downtown (which I haven't visited in three years in real life), and I wanted to meet Anslie as the final destination. However, I never got there and the next thing I rememember is me travelling inside my mind. My mind looked like a spaceship, and I could make appear anything that I wanted to. Physics equations were outside the glass windows of the spaceship, and I could see things related to card magic, linguistics, physics, mathematics, and programming all swimming around the spaceship and inside the spaceship. I could command these things to do whatever I wanted them to. Then, everything zoomed out the the extreme and the only thing that there was was this great artwork that I couldn't recognize. A narrator said, "the only piece he's missing is that he's not missing a piece at all", and then this artwork turned into many puzzle pieces and the last one clicked in. This was truly a full body experience. Then, I went back into my own mind for a bit, and then woke up to another dream of Anslie getting out of the shower and handing me a drink. Then, the dream was looping on itself again and I woke up to Anslie typing on her computer, for real this time.

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