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Daily Journal

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1. Sunday, 10 December 2023

1.1. 15:21

After not using my computer for a day due to not finding my charger, I have finally found it. I am now working on some quantum mechanics. Specifically, I am trying to wrap my head around the Schrodinger equation and how that relates to position and velocity. I understand currently that the time-evolution of the system is governed by it, and I understand how to solve the equation for certain assumptions. However, I am unclear as to how Fourier Transforms have a connection to quantum systems.

1.2. 21:10

I have worked a lot on the website; I am currently attempting to figure out how to make it look good instead of bad, and I want to add a navbar. I also probably want to reformat how I'm doing some things in org mode. I have a favicon now but it isn't good.

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