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1. Friday, 08 December 2023

1.1. 17:31

Recently I have decided to start using emacs again, and this website is therefore going to be updated much more. I have learned a little bit of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, and I am trying to learn some quantum mechanics as a result. I have my amateur radio license now so I want to get my advanced amateur radio license.

Also, I am kind of failing out of University because I don't really like any of the classes and I obviously know a lot of the math and physics already, as well as a decent amount of programming. I don't really know what University has to offer for me other than the paper, but it makes the whole thing feel really pointless. Maybe I'll start a company, or starve on the streets, who knows!

1.2. 21:57

I'm just with my friend Jude right now because I am demonstrating the power of emacs and how it can do journaling automatically and add it to my website which is integrated with all my other org files.

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