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1. Friday, 23 June 2023

1.1. 06:16

1.1.1. DONE Check if these todos work

I am finally trying out using org agenda as a dayplanner, and as a result, I want to check if these todos work. Additionally, I will be linking my old site to my new one (this one).

1.2. 10:15

So basically these timestamps work for real now, and this todo also works. I have set up exwm in emacs so my qtile configuration is no longer being worked on as it is being replaced by exwm.

EXWM is nice because the keybindings are consistent. You can treat x window buffers in the same way you do text buffers, and the modeline can act as a status bar. The modeline has battery percentage and time built into it which makes it a bar replacement as those two things are the only thing I need really.

What's nice is that if there is something going on inside emacs and you are in another application, you can see it via the modeline, whereas you would need notifications if you were to do this in a conventional window manager. For example, i can get irc notifications from my emacs irc client by simply glancing at the modeline while I am in, say, qutebrowser.

I'm currently looking into xwidgets in order to replace my web browser in favor of emacs. If I can do that, then 95% of my computing can be done with emacs integration.

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