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1. Wednesday, 14 June 2023

1.1. 09:40

Currently, I am on an airplane to Taipei, and I will be at Beijing shortly. I'm excited to purchase a mechancal keyboard and maybe some other peripherals there. It will probably be cheaper than buying them in Canada.

I've slept a little bit, but my sleep quality was poor. However, I still don't feel that bad.

Working in my little space in emacs is pretty nice, even on an airplane. Like I said, I bought ivpn for a month so i should be able to view the internet from outside the firewall. I haven't set up nix yet, but I think I will do it in China.

Another thing is that I have been looking at my analytical mechanics book, and it is easy compared to when I tried learning it before. Probably because I have more experience with multidimensional integrals, fields, and whatnot. I plan to do more of it in China.

What's funny is that my literacy 12 exam has to be done in China because they don't allow you to do it early. What a pain.

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